Just Me

Sigh … I find it a challenge to be “official”. Crumb … I paced around with a friend of mine trying to figure out whether to use the word “Volume” or the word “Book” for each “work” (they do take a lot of work) in the Series. The Paperback uses the word “Volume” but this website uses the word “Book”. Frankly, I don’t have a clue which one is more official or proper. Double-frankly, does it really matter all that much? Probably not. At least in my world …

Toe-matt-oh or T-ahh-may-toe or that-red-thing that insists upon having the right knife or it-goes-squish all over the counter. Potato or spud. Bar-b-que or Barbecue ???

Tomatoes go on burgers. Spuds make great potato salad. The beef is grilled and we all chow-down. It’s pretty simple.

I give up.

All of the above gathers dust in my closet beside ties I haven’t worn for years. Eventually the ties might come back in style. But then again the tie-dust-bunnies come from me not wearing ties for years.

I like the Blog. Here, I can even make typos or grammar boo-boos without worrying too much.

It’s a good place for me to chill.

I hope you enjoy the Blog.