I spent over 30 years in Information Technology and various forms of Consulting. Now I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I write. An Americano, ¾ full and a dash of cream, is my caffeinated drink of choice when out and about. At the outset, I didn’t plan to write fiction. During beta reads of a nonfiction work I wrote, readers kept telling me they liked my stories and illustrations amidst the nonfiction. I noticed I was enjoying the storytelling more. The fun-factor was greater. After considerable navel-gazing, pacing, soul-searching, discussions with a friend, some nervousness ( what am I getting into?) and more Americanos, I put the draft nonfiction work on hold and picked up a pen (well, word processor) to write fiction. It feels like the right decision.

I hope you, as a reader, will find something that speaks to your heart and life. Perhaps within a character. Perhaps within the story and plot. Perhaps just for some fun and relaxation.

Sometimes my writing is playful. Check out, for some fun, the Disclaimer Musings within the eBooks or paperbacks—you will find this in the Back Matter. I know how to write legalese, but, in my Disclaimer Musings, I take an alternate look at the world of law, which I provide for your amusement and a crack in the crypt’s lid where the narrator slips out on to the pages.


(This signature font is better than my handwriting—ever since the computer my longhand skills have become rather scruffy, cryptic, and now run competition to the shorthand of doctors and pharmacists. I am thinking of buying a fountain pen to regain lost skills).