A thought-provoking journey of an unlikely team up against The System: governments, religion, corporations, climate change, societal unrest, and global food and health crises come together, guided by unseen forces. As if we needed another recent addition to the issues for The System to manage: a global virus.

The System in our society has done a great job so far, hasn’t it? Mass shootings, racism, gun violence, policing issues, unemployment, and broken political systems—within countries and between countries—are just a few of the many hallmarks of The System. Quite a track record …

Did I mention mistrust of The System? How trustworthy is The System and their promises? How transparent is The System?  That might be the wrong question.  Let’s try this one instead: how screwed up, nontransparent and broken?

Had enough? Tired of what’s happening (or not happening)? How does your future look unless something changes? Our future?

Can this rag tag team help understand our woes and point towards workable solutions?

Intrigue and mystery come together with action and romance as powerful characters assemble amidst veiled layers of plot and thought-provoking dialogs and narrative.

Join on to the journey in this exciting new series: When Seas Collide. Now, the debut novel of the series, The Gathering of the Seas takes us places you never imagined as darkness rises along pathways of intrigue and mystery. An unseen hand gathers a team to take on The System.

The Unseen System that runs The Visible System has you in its sights as well. The Unseen System is not what you might guess….

It’s time to rise and make matters right before it is too late.

Check out the debut novel – The Gathering of the Seas!