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On to the Download …

I have done all of the “techie”stuff for you.

If you are on a Mac it’s easy – Apple Books works well.  On Windows, Kindle is a good reader but it is a bit fussy (in my experience, Amazon doesn’t make importing quite as easy as Apple).   If you are unsure, always feel free to search for “best ebook readers for Windows”. Here is a sample article:

Click on the large rectangular blue DOWNLOAD button beside the desired e-Reader file type.

It will also ask you to Click to Confirm you are not a Robot. 


Your files are in this column (underneath description on a mobile phone)…

Apple Books. This is the ePUB file that Apple Books likes (at least on my Mac). Just download it and open with Apple Books! 

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Generic. This file type (ePUB2) is the older file type (most are ePUB3 today) but works on almost all readers. ePUB3 has more features. I consider Generic as “decent”. If you happen to not be techie, then Generic or Kindle ePub3 are reasonable start points.

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Google Play.  For those playing with Google Products. 

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Kindle MOBI file.  This is the file type that Kindle devices normally work with.  If you want to load this into Kindle, you will likely need this file type or be prepared for some techie conversions (e.g. – with a product like Calibre).

Amazon has a way to do this and it’s very simple (basically email this MOBI file to them, from your regular email you use with Amazon, and their computers will merrily place it into your Kindle account). You don’t even need to explain anything – just attach the file to an email. 

3 steps:

1.  Download file

2.  Email to Amazon (see how-to link)

3.  Read on your Kindle

See how to email to Amazon Kindle at:

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Kindle ePUB3 File.  This is basically a standard ePUB3 file but if you need it here it is (I imagine you want the Kindle MOBI file … I suggest that first if you are on a Kindle). I have also noticed that other eBook readers seem fairly happy with this file type.

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Kobo.  This is another ePUB file that the folks at Kobo use.

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Nook.  Barnes & Noble uses this file. ePUB as well.

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