Story – Overview

The bad guys (the villains or antagonists in this work) are, as one might expect, up to no good.

While the Series setting is the present (2020 as of the first work in the Series—planes were still flying, pre-COVID-19, when I wrote the Story), historical writings and events have shaped the characters and the story. Whether engaging in military operations, walking the family dog, or falling in love, you will find a mixture of elements shaping the work. Soldiers grieve over lost loved ones and injustice. A character may struggle with the outcomes of anger, bitterness, and revenge. A character throws in the towel: life is not worth living. Childhood struggles and PTSD shape lives: we live in a world with many hurdles. A blogger speaking truth encounters persecution. Romance is interwoven.

The work hints at and touches on spirituality within different contexts and cultures, including a few supernatural aspects: I have sprinkled ancient miracles and what may appear as paranormal happenings into the work. I leave it with the reader to debate and decide, within themselves, if a superhuman happening is just fiction … or a possibility? Is it science fiction, imagination, or fantasy?