Series – When Seas Collide

I developed When Seas Collide with three goals in mind: to create intrigue and mystery, to provoke thought, and to have some fun. The first and second elements, to create intrigue and mystery, and to provoke thought, are central in the series; they join in a Triangle Dance with humor. You will find aspects of literary writing amidst commercial fiction. I veil and hide some areas—the work is also a treasure hunt that many of us enjoyed in our youth. But it’s not so “deep” that we can’t enjoy ourselves in a story with layered discoveries: one wrapped box may contain another wrapped box.

The characters and the story take pokes at “The System” (more on that in the story itself) and challenges molds and silos of thought. Perspectives on The System may take you places you did not expect. I invite the reader to think about contemporary issues that form part of the work. While the thoughts going into the work have been in process within me for many years, current events seem apt for the work in more ways than I had expected.

Volume 1 – The Gathering of the Seas

The Gathering of the Seas is foundational to the series. I take time to develop the initial characters (see comments within the Series and especially within the Characters), aspects of their personal backgrounds, their struggles, their successes, and how they come to know one another. The team they form, and its reason for existence, are important building blocks for the Series and the developing story.

Within The Gathering of the Seas, I expose the reader to additional details surrounding the antagonists. They are an assemblage of evil: the bad guys are not heroes, and exhibit traits closer to that of sociopaths or worse. However, the issues in the work run much deeper than the shallow platitudes of “we are citizens of country ABC, culture DEF, and belief structure GHI, therefore we are the good guys.”

A Complimentary Reading Group guide is also included for those wishing to discuss topics raised or implied in the work. This optional guide works in concert with material in the work itself and the Back Matter. If you just want to read solely for fun and entertainment, just ignore this.