When Seas Collide (Series) – Trademark and Copyright Notices and Attributions

Grateful acknowledgement and attribution are provided for the artists on this page. Adobe is also recognized for their fine collection of images that they provide under license.

The following licensed assets were used in a composite for the cover image for book 1 (The Gathering of the Seas), within various web pages within the Series and within the published manuscript. Readers and viewers are directed to for context on the works within the Series.

Promotional materials for the Book(s) or the Series work, subject to license usage and quantity limitations, may be invoked. This page may be amended from time to time as additional assets are in use or when license enhancement is required.

Artist Credit names were derived from the public digital asset listings on the Adobe Stock website.

Assets are JPEG files unless otherwise indicated.


Title Artist Credit Source License Date of Notice on
Isolated Porthole Paul Fleet Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 28515547 Aug 11, 2020
The seas are being parted Vitaly Melnik Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 64075777 Aug 11, 2020
Tidal wave of book pages Kevin Carden Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 153118469 Aug 11, 2020
Large waves and woman Kevin Carden Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 189683148 Aug 11, 2020
Message in the bottle (Nachricht in der Flaschenpost) Jenny Sturm Adobe Stock

Std – Asset ID 227738992


Sep 14, 2020
Table background of free space and winter landscape with snowflakes magdal3na Adobe Stock  Std – Asset ID 296398239 Sep 14, 2020

Young afro woman keeping index finger on mouth

neonshot Adobe Stock

Std – Asset ID


Oct 21, 2020
Bury your head in the sand or turn a blind eye. tap10 Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 201955694 Nov 15, 2020

Group of demonstrators on road, young people from different culture and race fight for climate change – Global warming and environment concept – Focus on banners

DisobeyArt Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 301124878 Nov 15, 2020

Concept Nature reserve conserve Wildlife reserve tiger Deer Global warming Food Loaf Ecology Human hands protecting the wild and wild animals tigers deer, trees in the hands green background Sun light

sarayut_sy Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 310973915 Nov 15, 2020
Meeting children and the hedgehog in the forest Alexandr Vasilyev Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 259545367 Nov 15, 2020

Artistic Halloween background on midnight time scary theme with blood moon and red sky evil clouds background.

ekapolsira Adobe Stock Std – Asset ID 221070720 Nov 15, 2020


This work is copyrighted. Copyright owner and author: Michael Mooney, August, 2020.