If you were to ask me what the central theme or essence of this Fiction Series is – in one sentence – I would distill it down to one word.

That word is “Journey”.

What do I mean by that word in the context of this Series?

I realize this word is not a new topic or thought. Many teachers and philosophers have spoken about this word. Some use the phrase “personal journey” while others may use a word like “pilgrimage”.  Others may use a phrase like “soul searching” or “finding myself”.

Humanity tends to divide out, broadly, into two camps.  Those who are on a journey. Those who aren’t on a journey and are comfortable with where they are at in life.  Notice that I am not saying anything about a specific Destination or Direction.  I am simply commenting on whether one participates in a journey. Or not.

The Essence of this Series, then, is more veiled and nuanced than the Latin phrase, Quo Vadis (“Where are you marching?” or “Where are you going?”). Quo Vadis suggests or implies a destination.

The Essence in this work allows for some mists in the valleys and twists in the road. Degrees of unknowing.  Perhaps a tentative destination. Perhaps out for a drive without a fixed and pre-determined destination.  Sort of like how individuals, couples, families or friends go for a weekend drive. Sometimes they wander. Sometimes they pick a route. I quite enjoy a relaxing drive on a sunny day with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I wander and meander.

Perhaps, one may, or may not, be ready for a particular piece of literature or teaching. Buddhist and Taoist writers speak to this area; often, we hear a phrase similar to this:

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Variations on this theme occur between the old mystics, bodies of teaching, and religions such as Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni, the Theosophists, Chinese Philosophical Taoism (e.g. – Lao Tzu) and so on.

Ancient literature speaks to this as well (e.g. – “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage”, Psalm 84:5, or in other Apocryphal texts, in addition to several Middle Eastern texts all the way through to Medieval times). Perhaps there are other dimensions of thought you explore: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the legendary Jedi Master of the Star Wars series who knew the ways of the Force and trained Anakin Skywalker and mentored Luke Skywalker.

In many ways, this Series is about a journey. It has off-ramps to villages. You might pass them by. Or you might stop for some sightseeing and talk to the locals. The characters have their own individual journeys (some have driven further than others, but no two journeys are alike).

I play with the journey in the first few chapters, and by Chapter 5 you will see other elements forming.  The free Preview is there to help you decide if the journey, and my voice and story, is your cup of tea (or other preferred beverage).

When I go to a bookstore and look over a book, I will often flip through a few chapters to sample the ways of the writer, the story and a sampling of the flavors.

If you are a browser like me, may I suggest a few stops? Maybe you might enjoy a mystic type (chapters 1-3). Perhaps you would like to meet a very bright individual (chapters 3,4) speaking on climate change (chapter 5). Some readers may lean towards a military-like character (chapter 5,6) or someone who has done quite well in life (chapter 9).

Context and Story is always helpful (reading from start to finish) but browsing is where I tend to begin with a book or an author I haven’t read. For me, it’s the same process on a relaxed drive – I tour the area, and then I might go to a park, shop, attraction or restaurant. All the characters, and their interactions in life, surround a journey. Rome, London and other scenes are in the Preview. But, like a tour guide, I leave the journey with you … with only a brief suggestion of what you might find. Browse and flip through a few chapters or read as you normally would read a novel Preview.

This book, this Series, is about a journey away from entrapments within The System to a place of rest and liberty.

But that journey is not mine to know. I am just someone popping out from the bushes along the journey.

That journey, dear reader, is the journey of your heart.