Characters – Overview

List of Characters

Book 1 Characters – The Gathering of the Seas

  • Abram. Known for his physical prowess among other talents. Don’t take him for lunch unless you have a good limit on your credit card. Handy guy to have around if you encounter unexpected muggers in a dark alley. Gentle giant, unless….
  • Charlie. Ex-military, but he has many other skills that come in handy in a pinch. His residence is not where you expect.
  • Demi. She’s gorgeous. Her family line, well … that’s another matter; disappointing is an understatement.
  • James. Financier of the operations. Significant global connections. Team builder: high EQ and people skills.
  • Mila. Natasha’s daughter. Computer and technical genius. Enough background to get her in trouble.
  • Natasha. Persecuted blogger who fled Russia. Her views carried a high price tag.
  • Nita. She’s known for being gracious and poised with an unusual start to her life’s purpose.
  • Seth. Resident genius. Off the charts IQ and a perfect memory.
  • Uri. Most mystical and mysterious of the group. His movements are unique.

Book 2 CharactersThe Rising of the Seas. Still Embryos in the Submarine! Some are growing …