About the Blog

Most content on this website is through Blog Posts. Topics with an “- Overview” suffix will generally have a more in-depth article bearing the same name without the “- Overview” suffix. The Explore Category (or Explore menu selection) provides basic information about the Series within various topics.

The “When Seas Collide – Backstage” Category hosts the articles related to the Series, but without the “- Overview” suffix. This Category also allows Readers to probe the Series at a greater depth. This Category also includes an article on our Global Home; fundamentally, this is a position paper on how the author views the topic of Climate and Earth Action. You can also find this paper referenced in the Climate Earth Action Category.

I plan on allowing comments on Posts on this Blog. As of December 2020, what with Jingle Bells ringing and Nanaimo Bars abounding, I have been known to be waylaid. For international readers not knowing of the delights of Nanaimo Bars, this recipe looks good (Full Disclosure – I haven’t tried this one, but it looks good, it is similar to the one I use, and it has good reviews): https://www.cookingclassy.com/nanaimo-bars/ . I can’t imagine these without coffee … they are perfect for Christmas.

I also plan to enhance visual aspects (imagery) of the blog soon. It is always nice to incorporate images alongside the written content.